Qualche info tecnica del dsPIC, un portento per questo sporco lavoro! Smiley

Architecture:  16-bit
CPU Speed (MIPS):  40
Memory Type:  Flash
Program Memory (KB):  128
RAM Bytes : 16,384
Temperature Range C:  -40 to 125
Operating Voltage Range (V):  3 to 3.6
I/O Pins:  21
Pin Count:  28
System Management Features:  PBOR
Internal Oscillator:  7.37 MHz, 512 kHz
nanoWatt Features:  Fast Wake/Fast Control
Digital Communication Peripherals:  2-UART, 2-SPI, 1-I2C
Analog Peripherals:  1-A/D 6×10-bit @ 1100(ksps)
Comparators:  2
CAN (#, type):  1 ECAN
Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals:  4/4
16-bit PWM resolutions:  16
Motor Control PWM Channels:  8
Quatrature Encoder Interface (QEI):  2
Timers:  5 x 16-bit 2 x 32-bit
Parallel Port:  PMP
Hardware RTCC:  Yes
DMA:  8

Ed ecco una foto dei piccoli assieme ai regolatori di tensione a 3.3V (sia TO-220 che DDPACK! Cheesy )


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