ROS Hydro Medusa is the seventh ROS distribution release and was released August 31st 2013.

ROS Hydro

ROS Hydro

The new version fix core ROS and updated principals tools rviz and rqt. Additionally, this release of ROS has made strides to depend on canonical versions of dependencies, rather than packaging our own versions. This is true of PCL, Stage, and Gazebo and other smaller libraries which used to be customized and released separately by the ROS community. Hydro also has improved integration with Gazebo, see: Gazebo ROS Integration.

ROS hydro virtual machine with Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS and ROS Hydro Medusa pre-installed. It is packaged in an .ova file of approx. 3.3GB that you can run on VirtualBox or other virtualization engines.

The new turtle Hydro

Turtle hydro

Turtle hydro


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