This is my first day in California! I woke up early because of the jet lag.

I rest in the Mariott hotel, very near of conference.


In the morning, I walked with Walter in San Jose and we have sighsitting the city and we have tried a good Italian coffee and cappuccino. We were surprised!

At launch we go in our hotel and we start to setup our robots.

Setup for 4UDE

The heavy day was started in the afternoon! We met our group in booths and we completely setup the robot. I will see this tomorrow:


On the left you can see the autopilot car built for NVIDA. This car use the NVIDIA X1 for automotive. I’m very impressed for the power in a single board! In the center of picture you can see the new NVIDIA console called “Shield” and finally on the right there are an impressive BMW car and a 3D printed car.

My Badge in GPU tech conference

Yes it’s true! It’s my badge for this conference!

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