New work for 4UDE robot!

This is time to upgrade my robot to work outdoor! Now I start with this first draft, the robot now is crawled!

In this first project, I draw track shape and for this first studies I think to use the Lynxmotion tracks, compare to first version of 4UDE this robot will be to high and with a big dimension, more or less L=30cm, H=20cm, D=40cm


Crawler with dumpers

In this first draft I added a damper to decrease all vibration from tracks. This is damper block have two parts, the little one can move up-down.


Dumper project

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Raffaello Bonghi

I'm a System Engineer and I was born in 1986 in Rome, Italy. I've long experience in robotics, both for academic carrier and hobby, let I've gained a significant skill in this field from my experiences in different kind of robotics.


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