New motor for Panther

New motors for Panther! Yes after 9 months of work, I’m working to update the DC brushed motor. The new motors are P205 24 25 with: Power supply: 24V 165RPM without load 55.2W Two new big monster to improve the strength and power in Panther! I’m curious to try this new Read more…

Me, Panther and Grant Imahara

Maker Faire Rome 2016

A beautiful event in Rome, more work, more people, and a lot of beautiful time to show my robotics application! This is the Maker faire Rome! I have met the famous Grant Imahara the former co-host of MythBusters on Discovery Channel; current co-host of the White Rabbit Project on Netflix! I’ve Read more…

Dude in testing

Torque control for unav

A new integration for unav now is available. The motion and motor control unav can be control the DC brushed motor in different ways. Torque control Velocity control Position control Direct PWM control All this mode are available with ROS control A video to show the difference is available here: