Solve GVFS error #ROS ubuntu 14.04

If you have an error in your terminal with ros when you use the tab completion [rospack] Warning: error while crawling /home/$USER: boost::filesystem::status: Permission denied: “/home$USER/.gvfs” You can fix with this both of commands: $ sudo umount /home/$USER/.gvfs $ sudo rm -rf ~/.gvfs/ Thanks to ragingbit in this answer: permission-denied-gvfs

SLAM with odometry


Many days ago I was tried the SLAM with a simulation in Gazebo. Yesterday finally I add all nodes in my robot 4UDE!

The first setup was to setup all nodes in ROS, I’ve updated the repository with all information about robot:


ROS Gazebo and move_base

ROS Gazebo and move_base

Last week I’ve tried Gazebo with ROS. Today I’ve used move_base to manual control the robot 4UDE in a particular configuration. A good tutorial to use the navigation stack is in ros wiki, but a good example to build a personal launch is in husky navigation produced from Clearpath robotics  available on Read more…

3D mode in rviz

4UDE in Gazebo

Hi guy’s! In the last week, I have worked with ROS and Gazebo to integrate a 3D model in Gazebo.  In the first part of activity I’ve transformed the 3D model from SolidWorks to URDF file. A first tutorial is in I’ve used the URDF Plugin converter available in sw2urdf, Read more…

Jade will be released

Are you ready for the new release of ROS? On May will be released the 9th distribution of ROS with name Jade Turtle. New feature Available: Upgraded Gazebo-2.2 (hydro) to Gazebo 5 If you want support ROS, you can buy the new t-shirt for OSR (Open Source Robotics), but you Read more…