A robot to explore the world.

Panther is an outdoor tracked robot, with a ZED stereocamera and an NVIDIA Jetson TX2, this robot can interact with all objects around it.
This robot can climbs little rocks and little bumps. it is heavy with 9kg and with the big size 42cm with, 40cm deep and 30cm height, have a ground clearance of 7cm. The tracks have a particular damping system, with three different dampers to absorbe all vibration when the robot drift on the grass. This robot is integrated on ROS and all code is available on github. Panther is built with different materials that plexiglass, aluminium, plastic.



Panther with NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and ROS the Robot Operative System can be move outdoor. In this video you can show how can work the damping system inside the tracks.  To recognise and interact in the world, Panther use a ZED stereocamera, and to control the two dc brushed motors, use the unav board, a little board for motor control.


Simultaneous Localization And Mapping (SLAM) is used for Panther robot to localize and mapping an unknown area. With a 3D slam reconstruct the world near it. This process consists of a number of steps, filtering the information from different sensors, estimate the position with cameras, reobserving the environment robot moves around and updating where the robot thinks it is based on these features.


A detailed guide to all robot parts


A new type of Tracks with an internal damping system to climb over all little bumps. Each Track have three parts that move on an axis. The tracks are built with plexiglass and aluminium.

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The heartbeat is inside on this chassis. All components are detailed deals in this page. From the motor control board to the high level control board with an NVIDIA Jetson TX2

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From the design to the realisation.

The basic three step from the draft of Panther, mechanical study of the track and the centrale frame, to the realisation of all robot parts.

Focused on evolution of the project idea, from the choice of the major draft.
Mechanical design of Panther


All basic step to build the robot

Under the hood


The Jetson TX2 Developer Kit is a full-featured development platform for visual computing designed to get you up and running fast.

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ZED captures the world in 3D and perceives depth of indoor and outdoor scenes up to 20 m. The SDK understands the scene structure and computes a real-time large-scale depth map using a graphics chip.

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The first smart motor control for robotics application. Dude use this board to control two DC brushed motors and with the velocity control set an set point. unav is fully integrated with the ROS framework.

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The Robotic Operative System (ROS) to send to unav the set point and interact with the environment. Dude use the last release of ROS and all configuration node are available on develop area, read below.

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Do you have an issue?

If you have issue about this project you can open an issue in my Question and Answer area or you can go in my github repositories and open an issue there.

Do not hesitate, submit your question here!


On this guide you can follow the basic step to configure your NVIDIA Jetson TX2 and unav to work with ROS.

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With the github repository you can configure your robot to run and wandering. In this guide you have all detailed informations to download and set the robot.

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