MotionControl Particolare


This board was designed in 2008 which a dsPIC Microchip controller can control 2 DC brushed motor with a velocity control. In addiction this board can communicate with the Navigation Board and with a home made communication system send telemetry information to a remoted PC. The evolution of this board is μNAV!


With a Microchip dsPIC33 this board can receive different analog values simultaneously. With different filter and other information from the Motion control this board can control the robot with an obstacle avoidance.

Navigation board


It's a powerful H-Bridge with an L298. With this simple board the robot Ottobot and Explorer can control their DC motors. It was built in 2008 and with different tests to check the performance in robotics field.


The regulation board is used to convert the tension from lithium batteries for all high level electronics boards. This board use a LM2576 produced from TI was used for Ottobot and Explorer robots.


Its an expansion shield for Xbee module. This board have inside a power regulator from 5V to 3.3V and three different leds to recognize the status of the radio module.

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