A menu with a complete toolkit to install in one shot all standards packages for robotics and other. The Jetson Easy adds a new command, a new service to control the performance of the board and new environment variables.

Biddibi Bobbidi Boo is an easy installer to install and setup your NVIDIA Jetson embedded board without wait a lot of time. You can update, upgrade and dist-upgrade, install ROS, setup GIT, and other little stuff required before to start to work with a board from scratch.

The idea of this project is automatically update and setup your NVIDIA Jetson [TK1, TX1, TX2, iTX2] embedded board without wait a lot of time.

The main script is called biddibi_boddibi_boo.sh and you can setup in one shot all your board. The shell script execute:

  • Update & Distribution upgrade & Upgrade

    Update, upgrade and distribution upgrade the NVIDIA Jetson in only one shot

  • Install Jetson release and performance service

    • jetson_variables - This script generate the easy environment variables to know which is your Hardware version of the Jetson and which Jetpack you have already installed
    • jetson_release - The command show the status and all information about your NVIDIA Jetson
    • jetson_performance - This service load jetson_clock.sh has a linux service
  • Set hostname

  • Install ROS

  • Install USB and ACM driver

Like this:

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