Robot augmented reality

Abstract:The idea is to allow the robot to interact with obstacles that are not really present in the environment, but have been drawn from an external operator. The robot uses different control techniques to navigate in an environment where there are both real obstacles and therefore with the need to avoid the obstacles and with the use of planners treated in the previous part of building a trajectory is capable of avoiding obstacles really exist in the environment and “drawn” and therefore virtual.
This technique is useful in the testing phase and staff training, thus giving the opportunity to try to drive a robot which will operate in hard environments, but just have turn on the robot and can test the behavior and see how the robot performs in a simulated environment.

Raffaello Bonghi

Poster presented In 2nd GPU Technology Conference Europe, Munich, Germany, Internationales Congress Center München, 10-12 October 2017.


Abstract:Powerful Autonomous eNTity High-End Robot (Panther) is a tracked robot made to explore an outdoor environment. It is built with different materials plexiglass, aluminium and plastic and different technologies. It has 9kg of weight and has a size of 42cm with, 40cm deep and 30cm height, with a ground clearance of 7cm. The tracks have a particular damping system with three different dampers. This robot has a ZED stereo camera an NVIDIA Jetson TX1 and the unav a little motor control board. This hardware and the ROS framework enable the machine to interact or wandering around all objects. All code is available on github.

Raffaello Bonghi

Poster presented In 1st GPU Technology Conference Europe, Amsterdam, Passenger Terminal. 28-29 september 2016.

On the Exact Steering of Finite Sampled Nonlinear Dynamics with Input Delays 

Abstract: The paper deals with exact steering predictor-based multirate control of nonlinear dynamics with a non-zero drift term and delayed inputs which admit under feedback a finite-order sampled-data equivalent model. Simulation results concerning the adopted control strategy are presented.

Lorenzo Ricciardi Celsi
Raffaello Bonghi
Salvatore Monaco
Dorothée Normand-Cyrot

A novel approach for Aerial Manipulation 

Abstract: We explore the idea of using a fully actuated design for an unmanned aerial vehicle developed for aerial manipulation. To this aim, a Trirotor equipped with a prismatic arm has been adopted. An accurate analysis of the mechanical design and modeling of the vehicle has been performed. Particular attention has been given to the analysis of the destabilization effects caused by the arm motion, during the vehicle flight. A system control, able to stabilize the vehicle in different flight conditions, has been developed and implemented in a simulation platform, for verification and validation purposes.

Gianpaolo Gonnelli
Raffaello Bonghi

Poster presented In International CAE Conference, Pacengo del Garda (Verona), Italy, 2014.

International symposium robotics: a new science

Abstract: "Un robot in ogni casa": è lo slogan da cui ha preso le mosse il seminario svoltosi lo scorso 20 febbraio a Roma, ed ha riunito alcuni tra i più importanti esperti mondiali del settore insieme a filosofi ed epistemologi.

Raffaello Bonghi

Paper for Fare Elettronica volume 274, pages 98 - 100,  April 2008.

Explorer: I robot esploratori

Abstract: Nell'articolo precedente abbiamo introdotto i robottini da sumo.
Oggi ci occuperemo della categoria dei robot Explorer: i più diffusi nelle scuole ed in particolar modo negli istituti tecnici.

Raffaello Bonghi

Paper for Fare Elettronica volume 234, pages 94 - 97,  December 2004.

Il sumo robotico

Abstract: In Italia lo "sport robotico" più conosciuto, nel mondo il più seguito... è ora di dare una spiegazione a questa competizione partendo direttamente dalla sua storia.
Quest'articolo partirà dalle origini del MiniSumo fino ad arrivare ai giorni nostri con i nostri simpaticissimi robottini.

Raffaello Bonghi

Paper for Fare Elettronica volume 228, pages 100 - 102,  June 2004.


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