Drone is the first robot flyer in my robot family. This robot use an Infineon Larix 5 board and the idea of this project is to send all video information to Panther and its can control the drone. 
Project in evolution...


Evolution from Ottobot, this robot was my first step to build an autonomous robot with an embedded mini pc and with installed Ubuntu and ROS. With this framework this project was grown quickly. the robot use 7 infrared sensors, 4 ultrasonic sensors and with two home made board can control the robot and send the informations to the Beagle Bone Black board.


Ottobot is my first robot designed for Explorer competition. It was born in Rome during my university in 2007, and was presented in my bachelor degree. This robot have two wheels and three home made board to control the motors, localize with odometry and receive all measure from seven infrared sensors. This robot have different controller, PID for velocity control, non linear control for navigation.


A minisumo mach is a competition between two autonomous robot when fight inside a ring, win the robot with the bigger strength. On this page I've collected all information about my five minisumo robots. My first called NX-01 in honour for the Star Trek saga. Dark Blade, robot with higher win ratio. Enigma a didactic robot, and finally Blue devil and Slider.


After my first year in engineering university in 2007, I was very weary. During the holidays I designed a little robot with two paws controlled by two servos. This robot controlled by a 18F4500 microchip could be obstacle avoidance little obstacle and walk autonomously.


MY FIRST HOME MADE ROBOT! Zippy was built during my second year in high school, in 2003. I've classical studies. Yes, I've studied in my high school greek and latin! This robot have two wheel and with a Parallax board could be recognize obstacles, control two servos, read analog values from two photoresistors. This was my really first robotic baby!


Was my first robotic exercise for my mummy, in far far away on 2004 only one commercial robot was available to clean an house. Risen of ashes of Zippy, It was built to clean rooms with a cloth mounted in front of the robot. This robot was very stupid and all time the robot wandered and slammed on all walls, but Pulibot was a funny robot!


In this page a little view of my robot bought on the newsstand. My first was "Pannettone" a robot with a look like a big cake. the second was Cybot a robot designed from Eaglemoss and the third called Robozak. A little humanoid robot built with 18 digital servos.




A part of my life! Built during my childhood until university. Absolutely important for me, the first robot called Zippy my first minisumo robot called NX-01 and others and others...

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