A Minisumo competitios is a game in which two robots attempt to push each other out of a ring. These robots have 10cm x 10cm max height and max 500 g.
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It was my first robot wit the highter ratio win. Eight champions in high schools and one first place in the national minisumo competition during the RomeCup 2007. Darkblade is a thin robot high only 3cm, with a long blade. This robot before the match could change the tattics in attack or defence.

Versione definitiva


My first minisumo robot, the name in honour of the Star Trek starship, was built with a Mark III board, and used two infrared sensors. A curved blade was projected to lift off the minisumo enemy. The code written inside micro was PicBasic a embedded version of basic.


This robot was bought to test my other minisumo robots and to improve the tactics and velocity to recognize the enemy. Blue Devil is a Sumovore robot sell from Solar robotitcs, the core inside is BEAM and with a different layer the player can change in microcontroller version.


Enigma was my first minisumo project for didactics. The core of this robot was two different controller. The first one with BEAM technology (only two transistor control the robot movement inside the ring and find the enemy. The last one with an little micro 16F628A for expriment in Basic and C.


Slider was my last experiment about minisumo robot. This robot built with an old version of Dark Blade board, have a long blade and with two servo can run inside the ring. The robot use a lithium battery and two infrared sensor to recognize the robot. 

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